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An early photograph of the author holding a fan magazine of his beloved Beatles. Taken at St. Jude's School circa 1967.
The author

For weeks in 1964, Joseph Niezgoda looked forward to February 7. It would be his 8th birthday. What he didn’t know was that February 7 would also be the day his life would change — the day The Beatles landed in America.

Two nights later Niezgoda sat with his family, the television was tuned to The Ed Sullivan Show and, like most young Americans, he was mesmerized. After watching the show he became a true life long Beatle fan and began collecting magazines, posters, books and albums.

Then on December 8, 1980, Lennon was shot and killed in New York City. Soon after getting over the initial shock he began to notice how many of the strange and mystical things about The Beatles seemed to tie into John’s death. Without even looking, he began to uncover some most disturbing clues. After a lifetime of listening, reading studying and pouring over Beatle material the many confusing questions razed from countless clues, backward masking, and pictures all began to fall into place. While the world was focused on the madman tendencies of Lennon’s murderer, Niezgoda sensed something completely different: He noticed that John Lennon may well have sold his soul to the devil, and that the assassination was merely Satan collecting his due.

Over the next 20 years, Niezgoda read countless books detailing Lennon’s life, and even more clues arose. He listened to all of Lennon’s songs, and scores of lyrics that had once seemed innocent suddenly resounded with a new and sinister meaning. He reviewed photographs and noticed formerly inconspicuous details that now seemed so telling and so clear. While at first he had just been stumbling across happenstance evidence, he was now driven to uncover the truth — the truth behind the mystery of The Beatles’ uncanny success and John Lennon’s shocking murder. Niezgoda never liked what he found (this was about his idol, after all), but he became at times obsessed with discovering more and more information that supported his suspicion.

In 1987 Niezgoda began committing these clues to paper. That amassed evidence is now The Lennon Prophecy.

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